Do you ask your fellow artists to give their opinions?

here comes the answer

Yeah, then I regret it.

I have very little contact with fellow artists, and though I don’t ask for anyone’s opinion, I gladly discuss my own or other people’s art.

I used to sometimes, but I had to realise that I can only work by my own standards. So I don’t ask for opinions anymore and I only ask technical questions.

It varies. I’ve changed over time. Back at university, when I was younger, I used to because I was restless, but today I usually make decisions on my own. Though in actual fact, I was also like that at university. I always asked others for their opinions, but always followed my own decisions in my work.

It varies. At times I would have welcomed, and even tried to provoke, their advice. Nowadays I prefer discussions. But whenever I have some technical issues I talk to someone who I think could help me.

Yes, I usually do. Of course, I do not care for everyone’s opinion.

KCsCs: As far as I know, this isn’t typical in my profession, but, of course, I welcome even unsolicited opinions. And back when I used to direct plays, I would ask for the opinions of others on casting from time to time.
ZK: Acting is a team effort. We build on and constantly keep an eye on each other. We need one another’s.

I do. I need it.

I don’t take everyone’s advice seriously, but maybe I should. I’ve recently had a powerful and important experience. Attila Szűcs came to visit me before I started painting this series. He hasn’t even seen my current works yet. Perhaps his visit also contributed to me taking such a step. He is a relentless critic with a sharp eye, and he gave some just and professionally sound criticism.


Less and less frequently.

I don’t ask the opinions of fellow artist, instead there are a few people from my close circle who are not officially considered artists, but who are very sensitive and exquisite in their perception and whose opinion is important for me.

Feedback is very important. It’s good to know what associations people make when they hear a piece of music for the first time. And I don’t just mean professionals. I often work with visual artists and their opinions matter a lot to me. I like listening to music with various people who like music, not just musicians. When I’m with the former, somehow I have a different perception of periods and time within a song.

It matters more afterwards, when the paintings are finished and my fellow artists are looking at them. Feedback is very important. While the opinion of members of the profession is always of great importance, the opinion of art critics is less so.


Yes, we always exchange information.

At present, there are the three of us working together. We usually make the initial sketches together, and then the best draft will be developed further. Our cooperation is really fruitful, I think.

By all means. It’s my motto that everyone should do what they do best.

Ádám: We work as a team, so feedback is key. I don’t always take their advice, of course. “Everything is just an opinion” as someone said, Marcus Aurelius, I think.
Sándor: We work together, so all of us speak our mind all day.
Tibor: Yes, I do.
Orsolya: Sure, I like to ask for other people’s opinion, especially when I’m stuck, it is great to talk about my work with talented people.

When we worked together, we often discussed the pieces that we’d just made. Now there are fewer and fewer occasions for that. In time you learn to view your own works from the outside and in a different context. That helps greatly in deciding what direction to take.

My work is very personal and because of its meditative nature it doesn’t even occur to me to seek the opinions of others.

I had wonderful professors at the university who taught me that it’s easier to work if you engage in dialogue. I’ve just had a wonderful discussion with Erzsi Túri and György Bátonyi about our next project and this gave such impetus to the three of us that work has become a real pleasure.

What exactly do you mean by fellow artists? For me, the opinion of people close to me is very important.

I listen to their opinions. Their influence on my decision might be around 10% at most. If I work with fellow composers and musicians, of course it’s a collaborative experience.


RF: Yes, of course. On the one hand, I am really carefully about choosing who I work with, so their opinion really matters. On the other hand, I accept nothing without criticism, so I mull over opinions and then make a decision.

JN: We consult each other all the time in the band. I like to know all the perspectives. There’s always something you can learn.

Yes, I ask for the opinnions of some of them. But in fact, the most useful observations and advice have always come from 'civilians'.

New ideas and concepts always come as a result of discussions and thinking together. It is very important.

No, but Kati (the artist’s wife – editor’s note.) is always here.

Opinions are important. It is not necessarily a particular opinion that is important but I interiorize the idea anyway.

I work with several musicians and bands. This, by definition, means working and thinking together. Opinions are important, also from outsiders. I often ask my parents and friends too about new songs. And I write music together with Bin-Jip.

We work together during the seasons.

No, I am like Woody Allan. But it makes me feel good to hear opinions at exhibitions.

Yes, there are a few people but not necessarily artists.

Yes, some of my colleagues.

I do not ask my colleagues for their opinions.

Yes and no. I am usually aware of the possibilities and potentials, and so, I know what I could have done in a different way. I know exactly what mistakes I made.

Not really.

Rarely, and even then I do not listen to them.



It is important and useful but it is not easy to find someone who is frank with you.

No, I am autonomous.

Yes, some.

I follow feedback closely – more from customers than from colleagues.

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