Favourite travel destination?

My favourite destination is the journey itself. It is important for me to see as much of the world as possible. I used to live abroad for a while, and since I came back, I have been longing to leave again. I think I can appreciate my everydays better if I can discover other cultures and worlds. If I could, I would go somewhere at least once a month...

Asia. Cambodia, Angkor-Wat.

EMŐKE: Ireland.
TAMÁS: Any time, anywhere, with great pleasure. I love the Netherlands. I would go there any time.

I would love to go to New York.

Only the Far-East and the Mediterranean World! I have been to Java once. I would like to go back there.
Fate will decide. It makes sense only if I have an exhibition there. I consider going as a tourist a little bit of luxury without a real purpose.

Chora village on the top of Amorgos Island.

Each time a different one, though Rome is an eternal favourite. Right now I’m really into Cuba; it’s my current project.

I’d definitely like to make it to New York, and I’d like to return to Havana. I was there once at the age of 16 when I ran away from home, and then again in 2007 following a significant turning point in my life. Both times I found something there, and years later it dawned on me what I‘d experienced. I feel like there’s still something there waiting for me and I need another turn in the city.

Just as it’s important to stay put, it’s equally important to be in motion, because change keeps your mind sharp and distance can give you greater insight. Lately it’s been Thailand with its sensual and relaxed atmosphere and Buddhist culture, where I‘ve been creating works with my friend Tawan Wattuya for 7 years. In 2014, we’ll have an exhibition of our joint works at Tang Gallery in Bangkok.

I’ve been wanting to visit South America for some time now, but my latest travel passion is the Philippines.

Italy. The culture of northern Italy and the natural beauty of southern Italy.

None. I’m not much of a traveller, especially not as a tourist. I do travel but those are business trips. There are some cities I like but I am not planning any exotic journeys.
Kisvásárhely is a really nice place and I keep going back there a lot.

I do not have one, but travelling in itself is fun. I would love to go back to East-Asia, for example.

KCsCs: Africa. But since travelling is one of my hobbies, I get excited even when I drive through a Slovakian village just across the border.
ZK: I would love to visit any part of the world but, perhaps due to the memories of family holidays from my childhood, I yearn for the Kranjska Gora region in Slovenia.

Italy and New York.

Let's say London.

None. Places that I haven’t been to.

I lived in a lot of places when I was involved in sports. For a long time, I lived in the United States near the Canadian border, but I never crossed it. Maybe that is the reason why I am so drawn to Canada. To be more precise, Vancouver, inexplicably. One of my plays was invited to Vancouver to a theatre festival, but unfortunately I could not go.

I lived in New York for a while, and that was probably the most exciting period of my life. I’d love to go back there.

Though I’ve been to Mexico several times, there are still a lot of things to be discovered there.

I’ve travelled about so much that I’d rather not go anywhere. Having a job that involves getting invitations to all corners of the world is a wonderful thing, but it’s also wonderful to do something that attracts people here. If I have to choose between performing in Budapest or in another city, I choose home.

I prefer to travel to off-the-beaten track destinatons, and to discover different places every time. Yemen was one of the destination that left a very strong impression.

Switzerland. Basel is my second home. I've been travelling back and forth since 1969. I also have 2 or 3 gallerists there.

I haven’t travelled ever since smoking was banned on planes. I simply don’t feel like going anywhere. I don’t go to art events either: I prepared a sign that says that I will not attend any cultural event as long as the current government is in power.


New York, Berlin, Venice.

The Dolomites.

I’d love to hitch-hike to a galaxy or two.

I like hiking in mountainous terrain, though it’s been a while. And over the past few years I went sailing on the sea several times with my friend, Károly Szántó.

József: Transylvania. The Bakony region and Northern Europe.
Ibolya: Isfahan and the Middle East.

We are going to Florida in the near future, to hold a course at a school. So let’s say that’s my current favourite.

I do not like to travel. I have been to a lot of places, including art colonies. People think they’ll change if they travel somewhere. But wherever I am, I act the same as I do at home. I do not adapt to the new environment. I do not long to travel abroad.

I love to travel, and I travel a lot. Ever since the beginning, my band, Mystery Gang, has received and accepted many invitations from abroad. However, my favourite destination is always going back home.

I love travelling without having any responsibilities. Anywhere. It’s not the destination that matters to me; just to be able to travel without a specific purpose. Due to my work, I spend one or two days a week out of the country, so perhaps that’s why travelling in a carefree way appeals to me more than the actual place. Once or twice a year, the two of us manage to go on a trip somewhere and relax.

Tuscany, Italy. Small islands, Greece. The sea.

I would like to go to Africa or South America, where I don’t have to think about art marketing at all.

Zsolt: I’ve been to Japan and I’d love to go back.
Donát: My favourite destination on a daily basis is my home. The next in line is Pécs, my home town. If I had to choose a bigger trip, I’d travel to the former Soviet republics and then finish my round trip in, let’s say, Denmark. I’d like to visit Sweden and Norway, too. I’ve already visited all the countries in Southern Europe.
Ákos: Ski resorts are my favourite travel destinations. And nowadays Paris, where we have a project running.

I’d love to visit Barcelona; I’ve never been there. My last exhibition in Japan was back in 2008 and I miss the quick pace of life typical there. It would be important for me to return home, but I don’t really feel like making a trip abroad. This is perhaps because I am also a Japanese tour guide, so I get to travel a lot within Hungary. I like being able to go to the studio, to immerse myself in art and work.

The Croatian village of Viganj on the Pelješac Peninsula, which is famous for its wines. And opposite, at a distance of about 2.5 kilometres, there’s the island of Korčula. The wind blows there all the time, so it’s really popular among surfers.

New York. New York is the top of the world.

Ádám: London, Venice and a few other destinations I owe to myself.
Sándor: India.
Tibor: “Anywhere but here” but then “there’s no place like home”.
Orsolya: Africa or some other hot place. Wherever it’s sunny.

I’ve been planning to visit Berlin for 20 years and it’s high time that I went there. A recurrent, perhaps clichéd favourite is Venice.


The Far East. The place I’d like to revisit the most is Seoul, but Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong also feature in my plans again.

I’m lucky that I’ve been to a lot of special places. But my true love is Lapland, Finland. It’s the place where you can learn about colours, materials, space and time.

It is always new destinations that attract me, places I haven’t been to, such as the islands around Hong Kong or the South China Sea. I spent a lot of time in China, but there are still many places I’d love to visit there. There are places I’d like to return to, most of them in Hungary, Austria and perhaps China.


Anywhere in Western Europe.

I like travelling anywhere within Europe. I appreciate good architecture, and now that my children are older we can go sightseeing together. I like spending time with my children and I’d like to show them and pass on to them as much as I can. I also have the opportunity to travel a lot because of my work.

I’m fortunate enough to have seen three-quarters of the world. I want to travel everywhere and see everything. I just love being elsewhere. Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand are perhaps my favourite spots. People smile at you there. They have a different approach to life. That’s probably why things work well in those countries.

I’ve travelled a lot in my life, but always for work. I haven’t been on many trips as a tourist. My favourite destination is Poland, which played a big role in my youth.

I like discovering South America with someone who’s important to me because that way I can also see the world through their eyes.

When I was young I absolutely adored Italy, but I haven’t been there for nearly 30 years. If I hit the jackpot, I would go to South America, Alaska or Siberia. I love travelling, but living abroad is also a great challenge.

Everything in the south. The Balaton Uplands, Istanbul. And abandoned mansions and castles.

Italy, in the Lake Garda area.

I like the Adriatic and Italy.

ND: Badacsonytomaj (by Lake Balaton).
GZ: Paris.

RF: In 2009, I received a three-month scholarship to Brazil. I liked the country so much that I returned there a year later. Naturally, it’s not only the country that I’m attracted to, but also the people and musicians that I met there. Buenos Aires, a great favourite of mine, was close by and I went back there twice too.

JN: Morocco.

Lisbon and New York any time; Oslo covered with snow, Tel Aviv in springtime.

I like going home to Páty. We have no desire to be anywhere else since we moved there.


New York and the Danube Bend.

Andalusia. And any major city in Europe.

KI: Far East and Portugal.
NR: Forests.
KS: Water, shores, beaches. I spent a day in Kyoto a few weeks ago. I absolutely have to go back there.


K: Southeast Asia.
A: New Zealand.

Anywhere with my family.

CsH: America, Scandinavia.
TT: America.


Helgoland, Jan Mayen.

New York, Rome.

There are lots. I like traveling anywhere.

I always enjoy travelling itself. It almost does not matter where.

My regular café – possibly in New York.


New York, Paris.

I would like to spend my birthday sitting in the centre of the Sagrada Família.

New York.

The sea.

Balaton, Hűvösvölgy – being in nature recharges my batteries. It is important.

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