Restaurant or cooking at home?

I have quite a special diet. I like to know all the ingredients of what I eat, and so, I have come to like love cooking over the years. I enjoy preparing and serving food that also has an aesthetic quality. I can always find restaurants I like as well. Most of all, I like places with a harmony of tastes, visual character and ambiance.

Restaurant. I prefer eating food made by professional cooks who have perfected their cooking skills over the years. But of course, even the best master chef cannot beat my grandmother’s stuffed cabbage.

EMŐKE: Restaurants.
TAMÁS: More restaurant, less cooking. Our kitchen is tiny.

Both. I can cook a few things really well. And I like restaurants because they have utensils and equipment I don’t.

I like to improvise, but only when I know the recipe. Then it is good to break the rules.
I have already created a few strange combinations of tastes. I often find restaurant food unimaginative. Stylish presentation and elegance don’t make up for the absence of other qualities. It would be good to have more good hash houses. In Eastern countries, it is a pleasure to eat on the streets. It is a shame that we do not have street food in Hungary.

Home these days, as long as I’m not cooking. Nonetheless, I have ar ecipe blog.

I like both. I tend to think of cooking as an art, as something creative, which helps me relax. I also like some of the more intriguing restaurants when I have no time or I’m not in the mood for cooking.

I prefer eating out. I’m a lousy cook. I can say without any false modesty though that I lay the table beautifully. In fact, I’m a compulsive table layer. I’m not able to eat without a napkin and I have a penchant for fine glassware. I’d like to live to the age of 107, so I’m saving learning to cook until I hit 60.

My wife is a real whizz in the kitchen, so I usually eat at home, but I’m also open to surprises.

I like cooking, though I rarely cook for myself. The ingredients are often not what you expect – they can be tricky or disappointing. There are some tried-and-tested places that I visit regularly.

I prefer restaurants. I’m a comfort-loving person or, you might say, lazy. I prefer it when someone cooks for me.

Restaurants are okay every now and then but after a while they can get boring. I like cooking and I’ve been told I’m a good cook.

I do not cook. Currently I do not even have a kitchen. Restaurant.

KCsCs: On weekdays I have lunch at home like public officials did in the old days. On weekends and when I’m on the road, I take on gastronomical opportunities from classic family-owned small restaurants to fine dining. On holidays and at parties with friends I’m usually the one who prepares the meal.
ZK: Both. I mostly prefer cooking when I have the time.

Now it is half and half. I live alone. And if someone cooks for me, it is good, because I do not need to think about what to eat.

Just cooking. It’s either my wife or me who does it. It used to be a great ambition of mine to make fine food. Nowadays I am more interested in keeping it low-budget. My priorities have changed, I no longer find cooking so interesting or important.

Neither. Unfortunately, I don’t put a lot of effort into these things. Maybe later I will. Right now I don’t consider food such a central part of my life, though at some point I would like to be able to cook.

There was a time when I enjoyed cooking, but the passion waned. Nowadays I prefer going to restaurants.

I can get creative in the kitchen but I am not an expert cook. I’m glad that my daughter also cooks and that it is important for her, just like for me, that the dish served should also look good.

Ninety-five percent of the time I eat my own cooking. I practice vocalisation during cooking.

I can’t cook, but my wife is a wonderful cook, so I’m very lucky in this respect. We also like going out to eat because she needs a break too.

Definitely cooking at home. The food tastes different when cooked with love…

I’m not really fond of eating out. There are 2 or 3 dishes I can make myself.

We don’t eat out. The kitchen is really not for me, I don’t even know how to turn the cooker on. But Éva cooks every day.

Both. I like cooking. When it comes to restaurants, my preference is for Asian/Indian cuisines.

All I can make is coffee and tea. Fortunately, my wife likes to cook and is also a great cook. I’m not much of a restaurant goer, though when I’m abroad I have little choice and then I gladly try new cuisines and flavours.


Both, in the sense that if I was to make a career change, I would become a food designer. I would redefine the concept of restaurant.

Both. I really love cooking. I always say that I’m a professional musician, so feel free to criticize my music, but my status as a cook is amateur, so I’m much more offended if you criticize my cooking. It really maddens me if I eat out in an expensive restaurant with a good reputation and the food doesn’t live up to what I cook at home.

József: I prefer restaurants. Ibolya enjoys cooking and she wouldn’t let me set foot in the kitchen anyway.
Ibolya: I prefer cooking, but we both love Chinese food.

There’s been a radical change over the past few weeks. It used to be complicated: my wife is a vegetarian, which would have meant having to cook two different meals, so we used to always order something, or eat out, not eat at all. OK, just kidding. But now I’ve been on a vegetarian “probation period” for a couple weeks. So we’ve started to take cooking more seriously. Maybe to make it easier for me to stick to it and not to get bored of it. And of course (or not of course), it’s usually my wife who cooks.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had much luck with restaurants. But I haven’t given up yet.

I have never cooked in my whole life. That’s my wife’s territory and she doesn’t even let me near it. She cooks every night. I don’t even like the ingredients, I don’t really understand how the whole thing works - even the preparations are a mystery to me. I like restaurants and bars, and I still get a thrill out of leaning on the counter with both elbows.

I’ve been cooking and baking since I was little.

I cook every day; I have no money to eat out.

Zsolt: My girlfriends cooks but we sometimes eat out, so we don’t always do the same thing.
Donát: It depends on my mood. I find it sad to eat out or eat at home alone. I have breakfast and dinner at home every day. Or, if I don’t, then we go to a restaurant.
Ákos: Either. I don’t have a preference.

Definitely cooking.

Cooking at home on regular days, and restaurants when travelling or on special occasions.


Ádám: Both, but lately I can’t seem to find time for cooking. In summer, I like to cook outside in a stew-pot.
Sándor: In general, I’d choose a good restaurant over cooking, but when I have the time and I’m in the mood I enjoy cooking, too.
Tibor: It depends...
Orsolya: Bouillon with liver dumplings always hits the spot.


I’m not sure I understand the question – everyone cooks now and then surely. So both, though I only cook rarely.

Both. I like cooking and I’d like to think I cook well, but these days I perhaps prefer eating out.

I like unique flavours and beautiful table arrangements. I try to follow in the footsteps of my grandparents, who ran a restaurant, and cook delicious meals.

Definitely cooking. Lately, I’ve been cooking every day. It helps me switch off from work and relaxes me.

If I have good company, both. When I’m alone, I prefer restaurants.

I like cooking.

The kitchen has a central role for us, and although I’ve designed kitchens for lots of families, ours has only just been finished to look just the way I wanted it to. I like watching my wife cook and I sometimes prepare steaks although I have to admit I’m no expert in that regard. Grocery shopping on the other hand is something I enjoy doing.

When I’m abroad, I eat out. You can learn a lot. For instance, once in Malaysia I had some meat soup with a surprising taste. It turned out that this special taste came from the addition of a little cinnamon. When I’m in Hungary, I prefer to cook.

I prefer cooking. I had a part-time job as a waiter while I was at university, so I’m never satisfied with restaurants when I eat out. I sometimes like taking guests out to a good restaurant though. When I go to my studio, I cross the Lehel market, where I do some shopping. Sometimes I buy too many things, so I have to cook them in a panic before they go bad.

I used to like going to restaurants. I wanted to find out about the flavours, but now I prefer to cook and play around with oriental flavours.

Both. I like cooking. Although when men start cooking, it tends to have no end.


Definitely cooking, together with someone, although my role is more limited to preparation and serving. Because of my job I often perform in restaurants and on those occasions I really enjoy tasting their food.

I cook regularly. I prefer to buy take-away and eat at home than in a restaurant.

ND: I love cooking, because it’s also a creative process.
GZ: It’s clearly restaurants for me. I feel the desire to learn to cook, but I need to open myself up to it first.

RF: I like relishing flavours. I cook, though only rarely. I like going to restaurants for Thai, Chinese or Italian food.

JN: Cooking. I’m a huge TVpaprika (Hungarian cooking channel) fan.


We often cook with my friends.

I have been a member of the Szécheny Academy of Literature and Art, so I often go to the restaurant of the Academy.


I cook with lots of creativity but little experience yet. And I like restaurants, too.

KI: Cooking.
NR: Cooking with friends.
KS: I have come to cook regularly but I also like restaurants.

Both. Now, having two children, I can already appreciate restaurants because there it is not you who does all the work.

K: I prefer restaurants – or what my Mom cooks.
A: I order food or eat what Kati cooks. Eating is not a priority for me.

My wife cooks very well.

CsH: Gaga (my wife) cooks.
TT: Restaurant.

Restaurant. I like to indulge this way.

I am lucky. When I was a child, my mother cooked, then Radmilla’s mom (editor’s note: Radmilla is the artist’s wife), then I, and then Radmilla. We rarely go to a restaurant, but when we do, Brassói aprópecsenye (Brasov roast) is my favourite.

My wife is a wonderful cook but I like restaurants, too.

I have been cooking since I was 6. When I go to a restaurant, then Italian my everyday food. When I am abroad, I like to eat Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian and French food.

Restaurant! I can’t cook.


Both. I love Far Eastern food but I can’t cook any of that.

Cooking. Restaurant. Cooking in a restaurant...

If a restaurant, then it must be luxury one. Otherwise, it is cooking.


Cooking. No question about that.


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