Newspaper or internet?

I read news on the Internet because that is where you can find the most recent pieces.

Internet, for the most part. But there are magazines and papers that I have been buying for years, such as IPM, Népszabadság and Garfield.

EMŐKE: Both. Lots of fashion magazines on paper, lots of photo reports online.
TAMÁS: Internet. Basically, only magazines in print, and only for the photos. I just flip them through. It relaxes me a lot, and recharges my batteries.


I only by dailies when I am really desperate. Maybe once a month. Television and Internet only with moderation. You need to be careful. They can be harmful.

Unfortunately internet, a little less painful since I got rid of the ads.

I rarely read newspapers, but even then I prefer the online version.

I’m an avid news reader, but only online.

In recent years mostly the Internet.




I browse through the news portals every day.

KCsCs: Both. I’m an old-school guy and tend to be somewhat uncertain when I read something on the screen only. I feel like printing adds extra weight to the words, which is obviously nonsense.
ZK: I read the news on my tablet PC while travelling in the morning and then spend the rest of the day feeling glum about what I’ve read.

I did not do that in the past. My father used to read the news all the time. I tried to keep a distance. But now I feel I need to do it, too.

I read news and leads online.

Index. Subba:))

I hardly follow the news, I only read the headlines. I try to keep a distance from politics.

I used to take pride in not reading the news, but now it seems you can’t survive without it.

The Internet, mostly in the car during journeys. I seldom read news.

Both, and non-stop. I’d recommend that people explore all sides of the story, rather than just listening to information that confirms what they think. That’s why people don’t usually ask themselves questions – because they only listen to information coming from one side. If they also looked at the other side, they would immediately start having questions.

Rather none… I’m not interested in reading news… it’s enough for me to receive an occasional update on what’s going on in the world through family or friends…

I don’t read newspapers much.

When I’m in the workshop, I listen to Klubrádió all the time. If someone sends me an article to read on the Internet, I read it. In the evening, we watch ATV.

The Internet, though I also like beautifully designed magazines.

I can’t avoid reading online as well.

The Internet.

I’m always on top of the news. I listen to the radio, read the Internet and some news reaches me on the street and through friends.

Both. I read the news, which really irritates me. I love reading a newspaper while travelling by train or plane.

József: I look through the papers in the morning. During the night, I like to listen to Inforádió [a Hungarian news radio station].
Ibolya: I mostly read foreign newspapers.

Almost solely the Internet. The only paper I am subscribed to is “ÉS” (“Life and Literature” – a weekly Hungarian newspaper about literature and politics).

The radio is always on when I work, this is how I get informed, but otherwise it does not really interest me.

Both, but lately mostly the Internet.

I read the news in all the Hungarian dailies and a few of the German and English papers that I find interesting. I’m addicted to Index (a popular Hungarian online news site), it’s really like a disease. But I still prefer the printed press. I like newspapers, their smell and weight. I don’t like the Internet. There are some pretty sites, but they simply can’t compare to printed papers.

I’m a news junkie. I read Index and Origo all the time. That’s how my day begins.

Internet only. I cannot read Czech newspapers.

Zsolt: I read the news online.
Donát: I don’t really follow the news.
Ákos: I read the news online, but I’m cutting down. I’m trying to reduce the number of items I read because I feel they have a bad influence on me and divert my attention away from important things, although of course it’s important to have an idea of what’s going on.


Daily newspapers.

The Internet on weekdays and newspapers during holidays, though it’s been a while.

Ádám: The Internet, sometimes newspapers.
Sándor: The Internet.
Tibor: The Internet.
Orsolya: I should read newspapers more often.

I read newspapers in their printed form at the weekend. For 20 years now I’ve bought them in pairs: I always buy a copy of Magyar Narancs with a copy of Heti Válasz and a copy of Népszabadság with a copy of Magyar Nemzet [Hungarian magazines and newspapers representing opposed political views].


I read news on the Internet.

I read the most important daily information on the Internet.

The Internet. Classical Hungarian and world literature is accessible on the Internet free of charge or for just a small fee, so I often read books online, too.



I read the daily papers on the Internet.

The Internet, but I still read the papers, especially when I’m on the road. I’ve managed to wean myself off reading the daily papers though.

Both. Still, it’s a great feeling to pick up a newspaper sometimes.

Internet. But no news programmes.


I like the feel of paper.

I don’t read the news.


ND: I like the printed version best.
GZ: Either.

RF: Internet.

JN: I always read Index. I like science and fashion news and, now and again, politics.

I watch the news on TV and read two or three dailies.

Index and hvg.




KI, NR, KS: internet.

Internet during breakfast. I check out for my brother, Szabolcs, who works there.

K, A: Internet.

Internet, TV, radio and well informed friends.

CsH: Both.
TT: Internet – unfortunately, it is indispensable to know what it going on in the world.


Both. But as I have said, I am an internet addict.

I read news on the internet.

News always gets to me somehow. But I do not look for it consciously.

I have no time for the news but I spend a lot of time on the internet.



Radio, newspaper and internet. In other cases, I invent news...




I listen to the radio while I work.

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