What magazines do you read?

I used to read magazines of interior design and fashion most of all, but nowadays, I find more and more interesting things on the internet in these fields as well.


EMŐKE: Fashion, visual culture, home style, sometimes gossip.
TAMÁS: Színház (Theatre). Men’s Health. National Geographic. Geo.

Mostly Hungarian art magazines. On paper.

I hate magazines. There used to be good monthlies and quarterlies, such as Nappali Ház, Átváltozás, Pompei, Vulgo etc., I have kept many of them.
I flip through things in the library. I do not subscribe to magazines. I read literary monthlies.

The Paris review, the New Yorker, can’t think of anything else.

I prefer books.

Online magazines.

I only read magazines occasionally and only the ones that have to do with art.

I don’t read magazines much.

Artmagazin and Balkon.

I rarely read any magazines and even when I do I read mostly professional ones like Artforum.

Not really, only occasionally.

KCsCs: I don’t have time for magazines. I used to subscribe to some wine magazines and back in college I was a regular reader of ÉS magazine. I have recently flipped through a copy; it felt good but I need silence around me. Maybe it’s that tranquility that I actually miss.
ZK: I don’t usually read magazines but whenever I do, I usually pick up a copy of IPM or GEO.

I don’t read them. I just check the pictures.

Art Monthly, London. Articles about contemporary art published in Blouin Artinfo. And of course, some of the Hungarian magazines as well (sometimes I do a bit of writing too, mostly interviews).

You mean, offline? I haven’t been reading any for a long time. I read everything online.

I have a subscription to New Yorker, I read it regularly.

Oh, a lot of different magazines.

We get 3 magazines: Nők Lapja, Elixír Magazin (because I often write write articles for it) and National Geographic.

I don’t read magazines much. I like interviews and analyses a lot. I also like Népsport (now called Nemzeti Sport [a Hungarian sports daily]) because it’s so straightforward. A match score of 1:0 will always be 1:0.

None again) I can flip through a magazine when in the plane or at a coffee place, but I wouldn’t call it reading.

Nothing, really.

I don’t read magazines.

I read HVG, Magyar Narancs and Index, as well as magazines and blogs about culture and all the arts, mostly online. Also, I’ve noticed lately that it’s usually the images that grab me – if the photo isn’t interesting, then I’m not likely to read the article.

Artmagazin, Műértő, Balkon and, lately, FlashArt, which I think has a fresh outlook.

The German magazines Tour and Road Bike, though it’s more a case of looking at the pictures since I don’t speak German.

I don’t read any.

I always read Rubicon [a monthly history magazine], and then, from time to time, HVG [a political weekly], Korunk [a cultural monthly], ÉS [a political and literary weekly] and others. I used to read Magyar Narancs [a political and cultural weekly] regularly because of Ádám Nádasdy’s column, “Modern Talking”.

József: Heti válasz, Demokrata [political weeklies], Élet és Tudomány [a weekly newspaper about science], Rubicon [a monthly history magazine] and Várak, kastélyok, templomok [a bimonthly magazine of classical architecture].
Ibolya: I read English, German and French magazines and confectionery magazines.

Facebook and the Internet. After all, the Internet is a giant magazine.

I don’t read any.

I have quite niche tastes. My world is difficult to come by, you need to keep your eyes peeled to find it. There is no single magazine that has it all.

We get nearly all the major international architectural and design magazines at the office, including international magazines published by various chambers, Details, Japanese Architect, Domus, Architect, Wettbewerbe Aktuell, A+U, Frame, Elephant, etc. And I buy the ones we don’t subscribe to.

I don’t read any.

Web magazine, of course.

Zsolt: I prefer reading magazines on the Internet. I read car magazines, designboom and similar publications and Hungarian economic and political magazines.
Donát: I don’t read magazines much.
Ákos: I read magazines on the Internet and at the weekend. I browse the pictures in professional periodicals rather than reading the articles, but I try to limit the time I spend looking at these magazines. I want to pay attention to what’s going on in my mind, and don’t want all the input to interfere with my architectural work. I like it when the information I get is filtered and I don’t have to deal with a constant flow of it. I can’t focus intensely on one thing if I keep letting in everything else. I have to set aside some time for designs and I sometimes need some peace and quiet to let them develop and evolve.

Hungarian journals, sometimes in print.

Strangely I rarely read the print editions of magazines. I prefer following them online.

The New Yorker, quite understandably.

Ádám: The ones that feature us. But seriously: A10, Area and Wallpaper.
Sándor: Wallpaper, Ingatlanpiac, Filmvilág and Cafe Babel.
Tibor: Magazines?
Orsolya: Whatever I come across. I often read architecture magazines, which is no surprise, or sometimes music magazines.

I subscribe to or buy architectural and literary periodicals: ÉS, Holmi, Korunk, Details, A10 and El Croquis.

I seldom read magazines.

I seldom read magazines. Unfortunately, good magazines are hard to find, and you can obtain the same information faster on the Internet than in the printed edition.

For years I used to subscribe to several foreign journals. Now I mostly read the online versions. My latest favourites are British garden magazines.

I regularly read the Artforum, The New York Review of Books, The Art Newspaper, The Guardian and The New York Times, mostly online. And of course, I also browse Hungarian websites.

Blueprint and MARK.

Trade journals and blogs.

I only read foreign magazines.

It’s funny how the newsagent looks at me when I buy Magyar Narancs and Heti Válasz [Hungarian magazines representing opposed political views] at the same time. I don’t read magazines, except for TimeOut, which I always buy when I’m abroad.

I subscribe to Élet és Irodalom [Hungarian literary magazine] and I often buy Balkon [Hungarian contemporary art magazine] too. I always take a look at Kunstforum at the Fészek Artists’ Club. I read other international magazines on the Internet.

I prefer to read books. Sometimes I browse through foreign fine art websites.

I like reading analyses – in The Times, Newsweek, Der Spiegel and Le Nouvel Observateur.


I don’t read magazines.

I rarely read magazines. I prefer looking at pictures and I do that on the Internet too.

ND: I prefer printed magazines.
GZ: I like trade journals. The daily press gets me down...

RF: I don’t read magazines much. I go to Wikipedia for information and I watch YouTube a lot.

JN: Since the Internet has been around, I’ve followed magazines online.

I read magazines on literature, film and theatre. I like print publications.

International architecture and design publications.

Kunstforum, and the Art Magazin published in Hamburg.

Art publications. Kunsforum, Artforum and the Hungarian art magazines.

Magazines rarely. More when I travel.

KI: Especially when I am travelling. I buy and read them at airports.
NR: Rarely. More often online.
KS: I do not really read magazines.

I read Filmvilág (film periodical) from the first letter to the last. When I am in Austria I buy the Art Magazine. Here, Balkon and sometimes Műértő.

K: I collect things to read when I am abroad. I do it only occasionally.
A: I do not read magazines.


CsH: I am not a magazine consumer but sometimes I peep into some of them.
TT: International magazines on fashion, design and art. And I sometimes read hairstyle magazines.

As few as possible: FlashArt, Műértő, Art in America, Balkon, Narancs, ÉS.

Yes, both in print and online. I used to read photo magazines but now I read on the internet. Nevertheless, I still find a lot of joy in reading old copies of the New Yorker.

I read magazines only once in a while.

I turn the pages of magazines mostly for their visuals. I have no patience to read the articles.

Secret Firma – it is a Russian business magazine.

here comes the answer

Not Hungarians. I read the art columns of The Guardian, a The New York Times and The Financial Times.


Design and architecture magazines in libraries.

No, exhibitions are my sources of information.

Not Hungarians but I follow the international publications on the web and read blogs regularly.

The Hat magazine.

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