Favourite pieces of clothing?

I always have a favourite that matches the season and my mood and I like even more because I can wear it with a great variety of extras. I don’t believe in timeless pieces. I am a clothes shopaholic.

A pair of trousers made by Dóra Mojzes. I have almost become identical with those trousers.

EMŐKE: Tight pencil skirt up to the weist.
TAMÁS: Right now, a blue checkered shirt.

I like jackets.

I wear clothes until they get worn out. Nowadays I like more colorful clothes. I used to wear black before, almost all the time.

Garter belt with silk stockings.

I bought a hoodie printed with photos of Sid Vicious some 15 years ago in New York and it’s been with me through thick and thin.

I like slim-fit Italian floral shirts. I’ve got a favourite shirt: it’s from Naracamicie and has tiny spring flowers all over it.

My favourite piece is always the one that suits my mood so it keeps changing.

Since I love hot weather, I’d say shorts and T-shirts.

Shoes. They are the first thing I usually notice on someone else, after the face and the eyes of course. Shoes are so concrete and literally down to earth. They are not all that significant, but actually really important. I like it when someone pays attention to their shoes.


I had the last memorable ones when I was small: red, one-piece pyjamas with a zip. I called them “Nikilauda”. I wore them for several years from the age of three. I refused to sleep in anything else. I don’t have a favourite piece any more. I like loose, comfortable clothes.

KCsCs: Short pants, a T-shirt and sandals. Jogging clothes.
ZK: Swimming trunks and ski suit.

It is different all the time. I lived in a monastery for more than a year in Moscow. I’m so sensitive to beauty, I like to surround myself with beautiful things. When I lived there, they gave me strange clothes (boots and other pieces). I remember that I lost my identity then, I forgot who I was. The reason why we like clothes is that they give us an identity, the identity of the culture we would like to belong to. Sometimes it is very useful to lose this identity, because it is not the clothes that give us what we are worth, it is good to remember that.

My painting clothes. They give me all the more inspiration during work.

My wingsuit.

Long pants.

A hat and a good old Tool T-shirt. I used to have a fine pair of boots but they somehow ended up in the Danube.

Dresses. Either feminine and flattering or soft and comfortable ones – but even those should be flattering.

I’m actually the laughing stock of both my family and my friends. I don’t know if I’ve ever bought anything for myself. It’s my wife who takes care of these things. If she gets fed up with the clothes I’m wearing, she goes out and buys some new ones for me.

I like wearing loose clothes that doesn’t constrain me in any way. I love the long tunic dresses from Mauritanian batik that I wear when working in the workshop.

A good pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Whatever is closest to hand and still fits. :)

Which one should I mention? It keeps changing. I’d say I like shoes the best. I pretty much always buy at least one pair when I’m abroad. My current favourite item of clothing though is my red leather jacket, but I always get bored of my clothes. In this regard, I’m like a girl.

None. I'm not very good at that kind of thing. It’s my wife who chooses clothes for me.

I like dressing well, but I don’t have a favourite item of clothing.

A black turtleneck.

This original telnyashka or Russian sailor shirt, for instance. I bought it in Berlin in 2005. I have an original American navy jacket too, and the two look great together.

József: Confectioner’s clothes.
Ibolya: I used to love artisan clothes a lot. Anikó Németh was my favourite. Now my taste has changed and I prefer jeans and T-shirts. Simplicity and comfort have become more important to me in clothes.

Hoodies. Then you don’t need a scarf or a hat.

Work clothes.

Yellow sunglasses in a violin case – by Esti Kornél.

I don’t think I can really answer that. Once I decided to get several sets of the same items of clothing. But I didn’t do it. Perhaps I’m not brave enough or too vain for that.

I’m not much of a dresser. I think I like cool T-shirts. I don’t have any favourites.

I always pick up clothes from the garbage, really. Or I get clothes from friends they don’t use any more. So those are all my favourite items.

Zsolt: None.
Donát: None.
Ákos: Nothing special. Shirts, jackets and jeans.

A Yohji Yamamoto coat. The funny thing is that it’s a size S, so it looks a bit strange on me (short sleeves and short overall). So much for the connection between Fukui Yusuke and fashion.

One of my shirts. It’s white with a blue floral pattern. It’s made of an incredibly fine material. It’s a mystery what it is.

It changes from day to day and even during the day.

Ádám: Don’t have any, but if I have to choose one, I’d say my black football boots.
Sándor: A nice jacket.
Tibor: It’s falling apart...
Orsolya: A sporty, slightly sexy, one-piece sundress.


Do people tend to think about what their favourite item of clothing is? I’ve worn jeans all my life. I can’t think what else it could be.

Shoes. A couple of years ago I turned all womanlike :) and bought a lot of shoes. I like autumn and winter, when you can wear a lot of jackets and long coats, which I also like.

I usually wear black-and-white clothes with a clever cut, together with some bright colour or a colourful shawl. When it comes to patterns, I like stripes or dots.

I wear the kind of clothes I have on now, skirts and tops, but I don’t have any particular favourites. In summer it's best not to wear anything at home. It’s comfortable and makes you feel free.

I don’t have any favourites. Or maybe my riding boots since I have a personal connection to them.

I go for the smart casual look. Long-sleeved shirts and comfortable shoes are the staple items in my wardrobe.

A coat I bought in Chiang Mai.

I like wearing short-sleeved polo shirts, preferably in dark colours. But sometimes I go against the typical “artist’s uniform” of a dark-coloured jacket and polo shirt. For example, I once wore a light-coloured jacket to the opening of an exhibition of mine in Germany.

I have a battered old shirt. I don’t even know for how long I’ve had it. It used to be white.

I’m particular about my appearance, but not conspicuously. I think I might be a bit vain in this respect.

Anda Emi.

Jeans, T-shirts and trainers for everyday wear. For stage performances I’m getting used to a more formal style.

Trousers with side pockets.

ND: A dynamic necklace...
GZ: Ties, scarves, hats, cuff links – I have quite a collection.

RF: I like the sporty, casual but smart look.

JN: I like a comfortable and natural style with a certain je ne sais quoi. I consciously make an effort not to buy many new clothes. I buy in second hand stores. My band has a “Nemjuci” second hand store, where the clothes I buy second hand all get a “Nemjuci” logo. These are our official T-shirts and sweaters. There is one of each, and people can pick out clothes, for example after concerts.

A suit.


Jacket because it is practical.


I can try on all sorts of clothes on the stage. Now, in wintertime, I lime leggings because this way I can wear dresses (I have come to like them recently).

KI: I have a blouse from Morocco, which I turned into a jacket. I like comfortable clothes.
NR: Dresses, in all sorts of forms, varieties and ways. You juts put them on and you are dressed.
KS: Scarf-cardigan, jeans.


K: Our own concrete jacket.
A: Jacket.

I have lots of shoes.

TT: My converse sneakers.

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T-shirt with navy stripes.

I have no favourite clothes. I have a conservative taste in clothes.

Striped polo shirts. We change permanently, so you never know what kind of fashion comes in. There are things that come back, such as cord these days.

At them moment, it is this pullover. But it changes with time.

Long johns + jeans.


It changes all the time. At present, it is long sleeve black T-shirts.

I like T-shirts. They can be with pop motives or even with laces.

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Jacket. It is very practical.

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