Any clothes you would never wear?

I have never found myself in a situation where I had to wear something I did not like.

Anything that is currently fashionable.

EMŐKE: Tanga knickers. I find them rather vulgar.
TAMÁS: Well, lots of things. Of course, there is nothing I would not wear on stage. There it depends on who wants me to wear something. But I am not really extreme in everyday life.

In summer I envy girls for skirts but I would never wear a top.

There are clothes that I would not wear regularly but I would not refuse to put on anything just for a short time, for an occasion. I hate suits and black tie, I would only wear them if I were an actor, kind of a ham in an absurd tragi-comedy.

Garter belt with silk stockings, Lederhosen.

I don’t like loafers, I think they are totally lame. And suits a size or two too big. I’d rather not wear those.

Our sense of aesthetics changes as trends do, so perhaps there’s nothing I’d rule out.

There aren’t any. Once in the '70s I switched clothes with a girl at the FMK culture centre for fun and went partying. We even managed to shake up the elegantly dressed guests at a banquet on Fishermen’s Bastion.

Though I‘ve never worn tails before, the occasion might arise when I would. Every piece of clothing has its own context within a culture, society and age. I like to keep a low profile and dress accordingly.

A tiara, garland or crown.

The ones that don’t look good on me.

There are lots of them, but mainly combinations: G-strings and pink nylon tracksuit with kiltie loafers.

KCsCs: Certain brands with bad associations but, of course, it’s often very subjective. I mean I don’t necessarily have any realistic grounds for my aversion.
ZK: As an actor, I’ve got used to the most unusual clothes and costumes. Actually, I don’t like the word “never”. Our judgements often change during our lifetime.

Women’s clothes.

White suit.

Yes, leather G-strings.

There must be a lot of these. For example leather slippers, or sandals with socks.

I’m sure I could come up with some, for example T-shirts with large brand signs. I don’t like clothes that a lot of people wear. I also wouldn’t wear nylon tracksuits for the world.

Chinos. Basically tight pants. The last time I wore jeans was in high school.

I’d feel very uncomfortable at a reception, for example, so I avoid events like that. I don’t like having to dress formally.

I’m careful about saying “never” lately, but I can’t really imagine myself wearing neon pink stirrup pants from the 80’s.

I put ties and cigarettes in the same category. I don’t like either one.

When I was a child, I owned a Bocskai suit, but I wouldn’t wear it for the world today.

Short-sleeved shirts are a big no-no, as are three-quarter-length trousers. If you see me wearing those, do me a favour and don’t come over to say hi, or tell me that something’s not right!

There must be, though I haven’t come across them yet.

I’ll wear anything on stage, but I’m not so brave in everyday life.

I wouldn’t go that far. It all depends on the weather and my mood. I used to be a keen dresser for a while but my style has become simpler over the past years. This is the phase I’m in at the moment, but I don’t know when I’m going to change and switch to a different style.

I act in the theatre, and I put on whatever the costume designer gives me. Otherwise, I don’t like wearing clothes that aren’t comfortable.

József: Women’s clothes.
Ibolya: Anything that doesn’t suit my character.

Stilettos. I guess. But who knows. We usually have big Halloween parties; then anything’s possible.

Smoking, tie, bowler hat.

I never say never – though I could hardly picture myself wearing sandals for example.

I have tried so many things that I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t wear.

Stretch pants, anything in pink.

Underwear and socks from the garbage and friends.

Zsolt: A particular pair of trousers. I bought it and try it on sometimes but I don’t like it for some reason.
Donát: None.
Ákos: I try to avoid extreme clothes.

I’d try anything, but I guess there are many clothes I would not put on.

Oh, yes. There are a lot. In fact, too many. For example, I don’t like clothes with visible brand labels.

Yes, there are plenty.

Ádám: Terry cloth tennis socks, a school gown, a fishing vest, a black turtleneck, house slippers, etc.
Sándor: Pyjamas.
Tibor: Yes, there are.
Orsolya: A suit in peach, I think.

There are no such clothes either.

I can’t really imagine myself wearing, for example, a yellow-and- green checked jacket, brogues with flaps or a bright purple jacket.

Shorts and sandals.

I’d never wear jeans.

I don’t think there are any clothes I’d never wear. Life can bring about all kinds of situations, so it’s quite conceivable that I would put on all kinds of clothes if need be.

I wouldn’t wear anything I don’t like at first glance.

I can’t stand ties.

My preferences change. For example, I used to wear jackets, which I hardly do any more.

Because of the theatre, I see a lot of different clothes, which has changed my attitude to various items of clothing. However, I’d probably never again want to wear the classics of my grammar school years: “Nylon” or “Neva” branded white shirts.

Oh yes. I’d never wear a diving suit.

Women’s clothes. I’m way past that age.

I don’t like wearing the colour yellow.

I don’t think I would wear tracksuit bottoms out on the street.

I’ve got a wardrobe full of such clothes.

ND: I’d never go topless in a monokini.
GZ: Jeans.

RF: I was the first in my class in elementary school to have a jeans and jacket set, but when the look came into fashion and became widely accessible, I went off it. It started to grow on me again when I was in my mid-twenties.



I can’t think of any in particular.

There is none.

I am quite open but I do not like vulgarity in general, which also includes clothes.

KI: Golden cocktail dress wit flitters.
NR: Fur coat.
KS: Anything uncomfortable.

I have never liked jackets and ties.

K: Trousers with straps.
A: Women’s dresses.

Lively colours, clothes with words printed or sewn on them, strong patterns.

CsH: Low-cut t-shirts
TT: Tomy Hilfiger, quilted jacket.

I don't like ties.


I avoid extremes – this also includes strong colors for me.

You change all the time, so I would not declare now that I would never wear this or that because you never know. I dressed totally differently when I was 20 from the way I do now.

Fur coat.

Ones with words on them.

Women’s dresses, prison uniform, any other type of uniform.

here comes the answer


I hate pantaloons. And I do not like elegant shoes either.

I am no longer willing to make any sacrifices. I do not wear high heals.

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